What is Research Culture and why does it matter? New podcast episodes from the University of Leeds

Across the globe, the urgent need for a better Research Culture in Higher Education is widely accepted – but how do you make it happen? 

In Season 2 of a new podcast from the University of Leeds, Research Culture Uncovered, conversations are revolving around what is Research Culture and why does it matter?

The first podcast episode of season 2 follows a conversation with a number of presenters from the Researcher Education and Development Scholarship International Conference of 2022. The podcast host, Tony Bromley, explains the background to the conference and talks you through the 11 podcasts upcoming in the season including the main aspects of research culture that each conversation will cover.

The season covers various aspects of research culture including:

  • Do we need to re look at what counts as an ‘expert’ in HE? And also re consider what is seen as ‘valuable’ work in this context? 
  • Retaining precariously employed researchers
  • Loneliness and isolation in doctoral research
  • The student supervisor relationship
  • Decolonising postgraduate research
  • Progression of women in research careers
  • and many more…

Whether you undertake, lead, fund or benefit from research – these are the conversations to listen to if you want to explore what a positive Research Culture is and why it matters. Be sure to check out all the episodes in this season!