Call for Participants in Research Study: The Lifelong Researcher – Supporting Doctoral Students’ Development of Digital Literacies

Digital skills are a fundamental part of historical research in the twenty-first century: historians produce, consume, and interact with all manner of information in online environments.

Dr Hope Williard, is a fellow researcher on the AHRC-RLUK Professional Practice Fellowship Scheme, and is underataking a research project, ‘The Lifelong Researcher: Supporting Doctoral Students’ Development of Digital Literacies’, funded by Research Libraries UK and the AHRC.

This research aims to investigate the development of digital skills for research by doctoral students in history, by exploring the experiences of PhD researchers themselves, and the experiences of the supervisors and librarians who support them. Attainment of digital capabilities enables historians to locate, understand, and analyse information about the past, positioning them to become engaged and effective researchers through the PhD and beyond.

The project aims to contribute new insights to the design, contents, and development of researcher training. It will also shed light on how universities can more effectively facilitate a research environment which supports early career researchers in learning the digital skills needed to complete their projects and develop their careers.

The project seeks to conduct ten semi-structured interviews with academics who supervise PhD students in history, ten interviews with Librarians who support history or humanities researchers, and twenty interviews with students who are currently enrolled on or recently graduated from a PhD programme in history / historical studies.

Interviews should take around 30 minutes and are completely voluntary. If you are PhD student in history (or related discipline) and would like to take part, please contact Hope by email at