Introducing Charity Ubia – your Postgraduate Research Officer at the Students’ Union

Charity Ubia is a PhD researcher at the University of Sussex Business School and joined Sussex in September 2022. Charity was recently elected as Postgraduate Research Officer at the Students’ Union representing all doctoral researchers at Sussex. 

My research explores the role of Nation Branding in Nigeria’s Oil and Gas Industry. This study aims to examine the ‘Nation Brand’ of Nigeria in terms of the contents, the current branding problems relating to those industries, and the strategies employed by the country to elevate the national image. 

I am particularly interested in this because I will be making discoveries in the emerging topic of Nation branding, which as a result will make a substantial contribution to the body of literature within the field. It will also help me develop research and problem-solving skills to solve real-life problems rebranding Nigeria and Africa, hence a lofty career prospect.

My motivation to become a Postgraduate Research Officer for the Students’ Union is because I have a keen interest in the success of my fellow researchers. I recognise that a PhD is quite a lonely journey, so occupying this role will act as a platform for me to represent the doctoral student voice regarding academic needs and concerns, helping them to succeed. I am also motivated to be a change-maker and champion change and equality among researchers, by ensuring that their needs are communicated with the University and Research Advisory Board for immediate solutions.

I believe the Union can work independently to the University to support PhD students, ensuring that all concerns and needs reported by the Doctoral Representatives are put forward for informed and immediate solutions. Doctoral researchers should engage with the SU because it helps to build the strength and voice they have as a student body. As a result, it will bring togetherness and unity to champion the change we need at Sussex.

I am looking forward to hosting a “Greet and Meet” for all doctoral researchers at Sussex. This will be a good start to get to know the doctoral community, and help form a network community of intellectual researchers across Sussex and beyond. Secondly, I aim to networking platform on social media and invite everyone to join, as a more a more accessible way for everyone to share academic needs, concerns, and information as well as collect feedback about their research journeys. 

These proposals can not be achieved in isolation. Therefore, I’m kindly requesting the cooperation of every PhD researcher to engage and help build up this community during my tenure and beyond!

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