Festival Spotlight: What star sign is the Festival of Doctoral Research?

Festival of Doctoral Research logo #SussexDocFest

Anthony McCoubrey is an Academic Services Supervisor (Research) at the University of Sussex Library.

The Festival of Doctoral Research takes place in June and is a celebration of all things research at Sussex. As part of the celebrations, the Library Research Support team organised a research-related pub quiz for the PhD community, at Room 76 in Falmer Bar.

Set across five rounds, a total of 28 questions quizzed researchers on their general and research knowledge. Emceed by members of the Library Support team, rounds had a research-related angle.

This included two picture rounds which asked the quiz teams to identify famous researchers and well-known research institutes in the UK, including the Roslin Institute, the National Graphene Institute, the Francis Crick Institute, the Natural History Museum (Darwin Centre), and the Jodrell Bank Centre for Astrophysics. Quizzers gained an extra point if they were able to guess the location of each of the institutes. Do you know which city/local area they are located in? (Answers below)

Quiz teams sit around tables in the Room 76 bar at Falmer House. They look puzzled.

The Research in the Wild round asked quizzers about research in the news. Teams were given multiple choice options in this round, and asked questions about dingoes, the pitch drop experiment, nurtured plants in lunar soil, and training for cows.

The quiz was a closely fought match with lots of fun and laughter, and even a little bit of singing (once quizzers where given the answers to the music round). With the most points, the quiz was won by the brilliant ‘4 Amigos’, but ‘Don’t ask how my research is going’ claimed the point for Best Team Name.

While many of the rounds challenged the quizzers on their research knowledge, it was the general knowledge round that used a play on words to test teams on research areas at Sussex. Could you answer the questions below? (1 point for each correct answer)

  1. Elements is Sussex’s research information management system that allows academics to showcase all their research outputs in one place.

But how many elements are there in the periodic table?

2. The Sussex Research Hive is the library’s dedicated space for researchers.

Beekeepers may look after many beehives. But what is the official term for beekeeping?

3. All researchers should register for a free ORCiD to make tracking your research easier.

Orchid can also be a baby name. But what was the most popular baby girl’s name in the UK in 2021?

Like all good quizzes, there is always an extra point up for grabs, and the mini quiz in this blog is no different. So, what star sign is the Festival of Doctoral Research? If I told you that the festival takes place every June and this year was held between 6-10 June, would you know its star sign?

Research Institutes in the UK: Roslin Institute (Edinburgh), the National Graphene Institute (Manchester), the Francis Crick Institute (London), the Natural History Museum Darwin Centre (London), the Jodrell Bank Centre for Astrophysics (Holmes Chapel, Cheshire).    

General Knowledge: 1) 118, 2) apiculture, 3) Olivia

What star sign is the Festival of Doctoral Research? Gemini