Researchers needed for a survey on social connectedness and PhD mental health

Are you a research student at a UK university? Help researchers at King’s College London to understand the relationship between social connectedness and mental health among research students.

Complete an online survey (takes around 10 minutes) and a follow-up after five months. Enter for a chance to win £50 vouchers! To participate, click on this Qualtrics survey link, scan the QR code on the flyer below or email for more information.

Luqmaan is a PhD student at King’s College London, working on the project titled: “Investigating the association between loneliness/social isolation and mental health among postgraduate research students (PGRs): A longitudinal quantitative and qualitative study for the development and evaluation of a complex intervention”.

He is currently recruiting PGRs across the UK for the longitudinal study, to complete two identical surveys (10 mins each), once at baseline and once again after five months to investigate the relationship between social isolation/loneliness and mental health and also some maintaining mechanisms of this relationship. These findings, in tandem with a concurrent qualitative study will inform an intervention aimed specifically at improving PGR mental health. 

Given recent research on the severity of mental health concerns among PGRs and the robust role of loneliness in predicting these mental health difficulties, this study is very timely and will help in understanding the complexity of the relationship as well as the development of a targeted intervention.