Call for papers, presentations & workshops: Inclusion, accessibility and solidarity through methods conference

The Sussex Research Hive Scholars are pleased to announce their VIRTUAL doctoral conference on  inclusion, accessibility and solidarity through methods. As doctoral researchers, we represent a  community of researchers applying a spectrum of methodologies to address, challenge, and  ultimately improve local, national and international communities. We want to showcase how  doctoral researchers are applying research methods and/or designs to centralize inclusivity and  solidarities in research. That is why we are calling for PhD researchers interested in hosting  panels, interactive workshop and/or short independent presentations to showcase how their  ‘works in progress’ (WiP) around methodologies and ethics for the wider Sussex Doctoral  Research community. This will be a great conference to dip your feet into the ‘conference  experience’ and practice vocalizing your methodologies. We invite presentations and  workshop-styled events that address bridging gaps in inclusion through case studies on race,  gender, engineering, climate justice, ethnicity, sexualities, film studies, disability justice, animal  science, political rights and more! See below for more specifics on how to register your  proposals. The call for panels and papers is now open and closes at 23:59 GMT on April 19th 2022.  

We welcome theoretical and empirical contributions around the following themes: – Building accessible research designs 

– Bridging life sciences and inclusivity 

– Participatory research methods in use 

– Humanizing artificial intelligence 

– Accessible statistics 

– Fieldwork-based reflections on methodologies 

– Exploring tensions around doctoral research methods and community needs  – Digital and archival methods around themes of social and climate justice  – Survey designs that resist objectification of participants  

The above reference list is not exhaustive list, and you are free to come up with your own  proposed questions and reflections. Regardless of the approach – be it primary or secondary, in  the lab or out on fieldwork – our research helps broaden awareness, connect different  communities, or collaboratively develop tools with different communities across the world. So  don’t wait for that thesis submission to start sharing your research methods and approaches  with the world!  

If you are interested, please register your proposal before the April 19th 2022 deadline, here:  

Please consider submitting 1) a presentation or small panel 2) an interactive workshop  proposal or 3) an independent 15minute presentation on a method or ethical question for our  online conference. 

Information for Panel, presentations or workshop proposals: 

1. Individual presentation (or self-organising your own small panel) 

• Panellists can speak free-hand, use a PowerPoint, or a poster to present for 15 minutes,  followed by a 10-minute discussion. 

• The choice is yours on whether you would prefer your panel focus on a different  approach to a specific method, or to instead focus on a panel around a specific topic or  field of research and methods used to analyse. 

2. Hosting a one-to-two hour interactive workshop  

• We welcome any workshop submissions around a specific methodology or ethical issue • If you would like to express interest in organizing an interdisciplinary one-hour  workshop, please contact us at the information below. In your email, please include the  following: 

3. Independently present on a research method or ethical question 

• We welcome individual presentations on a research method or ethical question used in  your research 

• You can choose to present for 15minutes, followed by 15 minutes of Q&A. 

If you are interested, please register your proposal here:

To get in touch or for any queries, please email us at:

Nat Arias, Jamie Chan & Erin Tilley

SAGE Research Hive Scholars

Sussex Research Hive, University of Sussex