Handling perfectionism and imposter phenomenon: RDP workshop

Researcher Development Programme

Sign up via SussexDirect and the link to join this workshop will be sent to your Sussex or BSMS email address one day before the event.

Perfectionism is the act of setting unreasonably high standards so that you find yourself unable to reach them. Perfection is the enemy of ‘done’ because no matter how hard you work, you don’t feel the work is ‘good enough’, and the mindset can cause you to delay starting (or finishing) when the task is complex or difficult. Imposter phenomenon describes the sensation of thinking of yourself as a fraud, coupled with the intense fear of being found out.

Perfectionist behaviours and imposter feelings mean we sometimes get in the way of our own success – forms of self-sabotage. Experiencing either (or both) may mean you put yourself under more pressure to achieve, whilst at the same time your stress increases, productivity declines, and confidence is undermined.

This digital workshop will introduce you to some techniques to minimise, address, and (with practice) overcome these unhelpful thinking patterns so that you can effectively handle perfectionist behaviours and imposter feelings if they arise.

Engaging with this workshop will enable you to:

  • Explore the aspects and impact of perfectionism and imposter feelings
  • Analyse your individual experiences and responses to these phenomena
  • Experiment with some tools to minimise self-sabotage

Target audience: Doctoral researchers at all stages. Research staff are also welcome to book this workshop.

Technical details: This is an intensive interactive workshop: participants are expected to be present in every sense, which means email off, cameras on, and ready to take part in activities, discussions, and small group breakout rooms. This session is not suitable for those seeking a passive learning experience.

Please join a few minutes early – the zoom room will be open ten minutes before – and we will start on time. Note that because of the format of this programme, late arrivals will not be able to join after the workshop has started.