DOC Grant reopens: apply now for funding to cover online conference fees

A laptop on a desk next to a coffee mug shows multiple people on a Zoom style conference call.

As a temporary measure that will be kept under review, we are reopening the Doctoral Overseas Conference Grant to applications for online conference registration fees only. We are temporarily expanding the scheme for conferences in the UK as well as overseas.

The DOC Grant supports doctoral researchers who are presenting their research at a conference. Applicants must be registered for a doctoral degree at Sussex University, and the application must be made prior to submission of your thesis.

While under normal circumstances researchers are able to apply for a maximum of £1,000 during the period of their registration, we will consider applications for online conferences that take you over the £1,000 threshold at the moment. 

For further information, including the updated guidance notes, eligibility criteria and the application form, see our DOC Grant webpage.