Sussex Library comes to life for ‘Living Library’ event

Get ready! The shelves of Sussex’s Library are coming to life! It’s all part of the Doctoral School’s ‘Living Library’, a reading experience like no other.

Here’s how it works: Visitors to the ‘Living Library’ play the role of ‘readers’. Readers are able to check out a ‘Living Book’. These ‘living books’ are in fact doctoral researchers from various schools across Sussex.  Each living ‘book’ has prepared a unique story, based on their own research experiences. They’ll tell their story to their reader over a free tea or coffee. Once a ‘book’ has told its story, readers can ask any questions they might have.

Each story is different, and visitors can choose from the following ten books:

  • ‘Finding Calm in Productivity’ by Shanu Sadhwani (BSMS). Shanu will be talking about her quest to maintain a productive calm even when faced with some of the more stressful elements of doctoral study
  • ‘Listening to your sources’ by Liza Weber (HAHP). Liza will be sharing her advice on finding primary sources, and telling readers how she unknowingly stumbled upon a source which changed the entire course of her doctoral study.
  • ‘A look behind the scenes of an academic journal’ by Neehal Bajwa (ESW). An editor on Sussex’s Excursions journal, Neehal will be giving her readers a behind-the-scenes glimpse into the process of publishing an academic paper. If you’re thinking of submitting a paper, or starting a journal yourself, Neehal might just be the book for you.
  • ‘Love Your Word Count in a Weekend’ by Jessica Oliver (English). Jessica will tell readers all about her experience on Thesis Boot Camp, an intensive weekend workshop open to researchers who feel they are floundering in producing words for their PhD, and about the tools she’s discovered to make writing easier.
  • ‘Maintaining your mental health and well-being during your PhD’ by Sophie Valeix (IDS). Sophie’s book focuses on a key issue for the contemporary doctoral researcher –  the importance of thinking about one’s mental health and well-being while doing a PhD. Sophie will be offering some tips for maintaining good mental health, using resources available at the university and elsewhere.
  • ‘Parenting Through a PhD’ by Marianela Barrios Aquino (LPS). As a parent of a young child, Marianela will be offering her readers advice on juggling family life and academic pursuits.
  • ‘Part-time PhD researchers do it better’ by Natalie Edelman (BSMS). Pick Natalie up to find out about her experiences of studying part-time while working and raising children.
  • ‘Presenting internationally- When, why and how?’ by Gunjan Wadhwa (ESW). Presenting at, and applying for funding for, international conferences can be a daunting task: Gunja’s book aims to give her readers confidence by sharing her presenting experiences.
  • ‘”Taking the plunge” with Public Engagement’ by Jo Cutler (Psychology). Curious about engaging people outside the university about your research but not sure how to do it? Borrow Jo to hear about her experiences of talking about her research out into the wider world.
  • ‘Taking the Long Way Round: Getting it done no matter what’ by Abigail Rieley (HAHP). If you want tips on writing a long form project, encouragement to take the plunge with public engagement, or advice on juggling the demands of doctoral study and a job, Abigail can offer some sage advice.

As well as these main topics, visitors can also ask the books about their research interests, which are outlined on the Living Library webpage. Readers can also ask any other research-related questions they might have.

‘Living Library’ takes place in the Library’s Open Learning Space on Thursday 28th June 2018 between 10:00-12:00. All are welcome – if you’d like to attend, you can book your place here.

This event is taking place as part of our Festival of Doctoral Research, a three-day celebration of doctoral research at Sussex. You can see the full programme of events here.